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The first partner

  • The first partner
  • My first partner! I always enjoyed watching them boys pee. I was fascinated by dick. I imagine it would be to get my hands on another dick than mine. Morning, afternoon, evening, I stroked pulic thinking that she did not know whose colleague ... By seventh grade I was not satisfied just to lurk and colleagues in the school toilets. I wanted something more. At one time I called out to the toilet after the last bank colleague had done the same. It seemed like he kind of looked at me when I pee. Let incewrc something new - I thought. Teacher left me and went after him ... He was in a booth with the door open. Grind. Although there were empty cabins, go near it, get it out and we both piss in the toilet bowl. - How crushing was not me you could to break, say looking at his dick. - I finished, he responds to hide delaying dick in his pants. And a shield, and a Belesta easy. Cut me and follow suit .... - Yours is bigger than mine I think. - Do you? - Let them measure, I propose. - With what? - I have a pen ... I put pen next dick ... I made a sign imaginary - as mine. Yours? He took the pen and has measured dick ... - Hm ... about the same grave. But to see mine when school! - Well, get it! He started and a rub. I hardened myself .... I just ... And I began to take proportions ... - Well, you see? He asked. It's great .... - What, me not? I Råsunda etalandu my dick erect. - Yes, it's big and you ... I had no frame tells us ... we look at each other ... We rub dick dicks. I wanted more. I take courage and say: - Have the courage to put his hand on my dick? - What about you? I waited for another urge. I reached out and we got dick in punch. I started to gently rub, so belesc ... He reached out and touched my dick erect. An indescribable feeling came over me ... I was super excited ... Io rub rub me ... Exactly what I wanted for so long: to feel another cock in hand and the other hand on my dick! - I felt that he wanted more. Suggestion: Do not you have a kiss? - No, because I'm sick. What, you kiss mine? - I do not know, I think so ... I bend slowly. Dick smell them. A touch with the lips in a kiss shy. - They see? I kissed her! Kiss her and you mine ... was executed. It has been high. And sitting with dicks in hand watching us ... I resisted me. I leaned back. I kissed her again. I opened my lips, I pulled my tongue and I touched it with the tip. I thought everything was not enough. I took it in my mouth ... I started to suck him. For real ... I love ... - You like? he asked. Do not expect my rasunsul continue .... I think so that I suck for good ... I think I'm next. I stopped, I stood and waited nervously to me and he suck me ... I licked the tip of his cock then took it in my mouth ... It was a new sensation. Could not compare with anything till then: nor beliturile "total" in the evenings when I play alone or with frenetic circle-jerk that was ... was high. I never said anything either of us. We started masturbating looking at each other ... I've done about the same time. We've shaken off dicks sperm, we have put in pants and went to class where we both come together. Teacher stared at us as we get each in his bank, but said nothing.

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