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How began to like dick! (olla)

How began to like dick! (3)

How began to like dick! (3) This is the third and last part of the first fantasy I write. Thank you for the encouragement and hope you enjoy this part. Personal is the episode that I like the most ... The next day at 15:00 I received a message from Sorin in which I said that is the address that was supposed to go at 17.00 and do so do not be late . Although not in any way I wanted to live for the experience of the previous day, which is to be kind of a bitch, call at 16.58 at the door of the apartment where he was going. I opened a tiny boy and I'm glad it's not even that big and I will not bother too much, but after I came, I saw four guys in the room waiting for me, and just thought that I could happen, and I was in tears. - What are you doing doll, came after dick? Let the last one to have some dick so as not dreamed in your life. Saying this, a blond boy, about 1.70-1.75 height uratel, and which seemed to be somewhere around 30 years unbutton his pants and invites me to suck his dick. Lest I take the beating or know what could happen to me, I knelt in front of him and wanted to take the cock head in his mouth. It stuck my whole dick in her mouth and I said like a whore like me has to suck all the balls at once and even take them in my mouth if possible. While blonde fucked me in the mouth, another said I undress me and I, he wants to fuck my little ass. Then began to fuck me by two, one mouth, one in the ass and share sometime. I cried, but I was trying to resist the onslaught subject. I do not know how long this because I was already in a state of disgust and even despair, but at some point one of the boys said: - Bathrooms Alex, you do not fuck on this little bitch? You know it's her small but moves well and sucking dick almost as an expert. - I do not want to fuck anyone not see that this poor chap does not even know what happens? Saying this, Alex was heading towards me and I can not tell you what I felt at that moment. He was a black guy with green eyes like some I've never seen the color Sefiria'd say were about as tall me about 1.85cm, with a gray shirt that molded him and see beautifully shaped muscles, with thick lips and a very determined walk. Arriving near me said: - Okay kid, now you can add the Free Ad Ok now let's get dressed and go home, you're tired of dick for today. The other three boys protested Alex convinced yet, I get dressed and I looked surprised at Alex did not want to fuck me too. Although feeling some joy, was to get rid of the nightmare of the day, though I was sorry I had just the most beautiful boy I had seen till then did not want to even touch me. In my mind sprouted the idea that provoke disgust and immediately after exiting her apartment to tell me to go home alone. I left the apartment, I descended the stairs I had no patience to wait the elevator and reaching in front of the building, with tears still in her eyes, and the feeling of contempt for me as I got to be some sort of sex slave for so many men, I thank you very much I'm out there and I wanted to go. - Where do you want to go. Get in the car, I promised that I'll take you home, and I never break the promises. - Thanks, but why would you do that, and why do you treat him with me as gate and friends? - I just thought today would come to fuck him a boy who will make us pleasure, but see you since you were just afraid to come on and shakes. The boys practically had sex with you, but rather you were raped. - I think this deserves a guy like me, I said getting into the car. - Why do you deserve this? Since sex with guys, how old are you and how did you start? I told her how I started with Sorin at my grandparents' house, as I initially thought that I like to do this, but now wish to be a simple object in which both guys unload sperm. - Why did you come here today, if you wanted to have sex with us? - Because Sorin has a picture of me when I am with his dick in mouth and told me that if I do what he wants, will show pictures of my parents. - Today I promise you will not have sex with anyone unless you want it that. Although we thought we were pleased, however, that there is a guy that I talk nice, that does not make me a bitch and that really encouraged me to forget today that we had lived in the last period. I left in front of the building, I asked for the number, he asked my name and left. There followed a few days I was terrified every time my phone rings or you receive a message, for fear of being Sorin summoned me or send me to his friends. So two weeks have passed without anyone bothering me, until one day when my phone rang. It was a number that I knew not: - Hello. - Hello Karmin, Alex, I do not know if you remember me. - Of course I remember you, I will never forget that you've escaped your friends. - I called to tell you that the time has come to pay for proper that I saved, I said and felt like smiling. You can meet me over 2 hours? - Yes, I said quite reserved. I explained where we will see over 2 hours and I was in front of a local and we expect. He welcomed me here, I joined local, I drank a soda, I talked about one another, and asked: - He never called Sorin? - No. - You can rest assured that we have done and will not stop ringing. I understand how you handle it, but I would not be interested. I was glad I got rid of Sorin and other baieti.Plata we had to do to Alex as his friends saved me was that I had to make him buy that stuff. Thus began a beautiful friendship between me and Alex, although I was about 16 and a half and he 25. Understand us so well that we went out quite often in town for a drink, a movie I was and mountains along with other friends of his. It's been like almost a year, during which I had not done sex with any boy, although frankly I would have liked to have part of Alex. He showed signs that he likes me as a friend and different than I remember even had a chance to fuck me and did not want. One day he called me at home and said: - Karmin, I want to tell you something, but do not want to scare you or get mad at me. - I will not mind whatever you say. - Since I first met you, I loved you and I want to be friends. - We're friends, right? - I do not wanna be friends, I want to make love to each other. - Really? And I thought that only I am crazy about you. Hearing that came towards me and started kissing me. I timidly touched lips of hot and fleshy lips, and slowly, slowly, his tongue has made its way into my mouth and vice versa. It was the first time I kissed a boy and felt something he had felt before. I wanted more, I wanted him naked in bed, I wanted to be mine. He asked me if I liked it and if I wanted to do more than that. Because my answer was yes, took me in his arms and took me to his bedroom. He gave me easy clothes off me and he undressed. She was so beautiful body worked for me looks like a god. I admired him and he sipped eyes. In turn what seemed delighted to see me. We sat in bed, we kissed, and then I started to be seen over to kiss him on the neck, went down to his nipples hardened, I began to suck the strength and passion, we descended into the abdomen and when I got His dick finally I got scared. -Alex, dick too big, I do not think I will be able to satisfy you. -Do not worry, my darling we'll both feel better. Do what you feel and how you feel and everything will be perfect. - I easily got cock head in my mouth down to the base, sucks dick as deep as I could. Occasionally May 1 drove my mouth and hit me over the language saying that she is the most pleasant mouth that came. I love to suck and coitele, which seemed tiny in comparison to his dick which I later found out was 23cm and about 6cm thick. I think sucking dick more than an hour until he finished in my mouth. It was so nice, and he so tenderly to me that I felt that everything went as in a moment. After a few minutes that I was joking, laughing, and I was happy he asked: - Do you want to be my boy? - I'm not your boy? - Yes, but if you let me I'd like to and for. - That's all I want more, just hope it does not hurt. - Do not worry I'll be gentle and will take care to be well. I was face up and he started to kiss me with such tenderness I felt until then anyone throughout the body. At one point, I lifted legs and began to lick my ass, and I really felt a sense divine. It was so nice to feel that tongue walk on my wheel as I try to penetrate and how easily entered me. I expect to penetrate me but he started to kiss me with a greater desire than the first time though. I was still face up with legs up on his shoulders and we look forward to penetrate me. While kissing me I felt two fingers with gel on them trying to make their place in me. Then three and slowly, slowly I relaxed bottom. Then Alex made his courage and began to push his cock head with much tenderness in my ass. Although he had that big, it hardly hurt me and I wanted to get increasingly more in me. It was so nice to make love to a man. You feel like you want, you want it more than anything. After we had sex all night to morning holding my head on his chest. I was so happy, like a tear to me eye seeped from his abdomen: - What are you doing, are you crying? - Yes darling, but is the first time tears of joy. Thank you exist in my life and I love you. - I love you from the first moment I met you, Karmin.

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