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"Oohh, what I want, how cool is it!"

"Oohh, what I want, how cool is it!", So he was kneading and rubbing his pillow and Radu balls, looking at the pictures sent on the messenger by Ducu, a guy from Bucharest whom he had acquired on Facebook.
In fact, the guy was called Radu, but in order not to create confusion between them, they decided to call him Ducu, being younger than himself
Radu is a small boutique patron in Piatra Neamt and attracting men, his marriage lasted only three years. He was married quite late, at the age of 29, and at 33 years old he was divorced.
His wife, Julia, had to shoot him to receive the pulse, he reasoned that he was tired. And when she did, she was thinking of the sex gays she saw on her computer Sunday when Julia was at the church. Soon they divorced, motivating misunderstandings. Luckily they did not have a baby.
After divorce, he had small relationships with different guys of different ages, realizing he liked younger guys than he was.
He was versatile to passive, and he often did it with a 16-year-old boy who helped him with small chores through his dug.
Max, the boy who helped him and warmed his nights, was a weak but very hairy guy.
The first night when he called him to him, for mercy, they said, after eating and washing it well, they talked in bed to find out what past had at the boys' house. So he found out that he had been raped at eight years by the gatekeeper, a 40-year-old guy that many boys had passed through his dick. Then he entered the sexual mill among the 16-17-year-old and the younger-seven- eight-year-old. At the age of 15 he ran away from there, after he had also violated four guys. Max figured out what the employer's mercy was, and he did not resist any resistance when he took him to the oral and anal pulse. He was happy to have a roof above his head and a dish of food.
Not long after, Max was also riding his benefactor.
However, Radu is not limited to Max's body, looking for men on sex on LGBT networks. Also, his Facebook friends list was full of gay, but he found no one liked, most of them being elderly. He wanted something young, virile, beautiful, to satisfy him from all points of view.
So he came across Ducu, whose profile was a guy whose face was not seen under a hooded hood, but whose aura looked like a more vagabond guy, what he was attracting.
The next night, when they got back in touch, he found out that the guy was from Ploiesti, but he moved to Bucharest where he had a fitness room somewhere between Postavaru and 1December.
"And what do you want to suck her," Ducu asks him after posting a picture of him with his dick on the messenger.
"You're killing me, I'd like to be her slave," Radu says.
- Then come to me, and let you do what you want!
- Yeah, I'm just coming up with my little job around here!
After showing him pictures of him naked, showing his raised dick, his balls and his hairy butts, Radu decided that he must be seen with Ducu.
He left with his bouquet Angela her sister who was a banker, taking her leave, just to help her brother.
Radu did not have a car because he did not have this passion, and at his forties, he thought it was no use to bump his head with the driver school.
He left with the train of 9,18 in Piatra Neamt and at 15,20 he was in Bucharest where Ducu was waiting for the steering wheel of a VW with smoked windows. In the infernal heat in Bucharest, Ducu was only in bermuda, showing the squares on her belly and her chest with nose-covered nipples.
- Come in, invite Radu to open the VW door.
Radu tossed his trolley back into the back seat and sat in the right seat.
After closing the door, Radu shuffled his hand with Ducu and measured it from the top to the bottom, then put his hand between Ducu's feet, touching the dick with the cloth.
"Here's the sweetness," she said.
- There it is, but you have the patience to get home, that I have to wash it from the room!
As they strolled through the boulevards and streets of the capital, Radu thought he wanted to taste Ducu's dick as it was, that his body already exuded an odor that excited him. He watched the sweatball slip through the hair on his chest and come to lick them. He was next to his beloved man, and he wanted to touch him. After half an hour they arrived at Ducu's dwelling in a four-storey building on a very green street.
Enter into the two-room apartment on the second floor, feel that it enters a pleasant, cool atmosphere, the air-conditioned apartment.
"Make yourself comfortable," said Duke, who went to the refrigerator where he came with a two-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. She poured two glasses on the fancy table and lifting the glass said:
- Welcome to my house! I hope you feel good!
After drinking, Duke stood up and said,
-I now go to the bathroom to take a shower, and strip the bermudas by stitching them into corner after which he enters the bathroom. Radu walked away and took the bermudes thrown and nose in them, smelling and licking the net in which Ducu's coats stood. He did not even think that Ducu would come out immediately because he had forgotten to take his towel. He caught Radu licking Bermuda, and with a smile he said, "Hmm, do not make your pants down, if you want to feel the natural taste, then come to the source, I have some sticky nuggets waiting to be sucked! He pushed him on the couch and sitting in front of him, he raised a leg on the sofa with his dick and his balls in front of Radu. He did not wait to say anything else to him, and he began to lick the scrooge covered by the sticks that were sticking to him. He felt the salty taste with the specific smell of sweat and sweat, which made him mad. Max had often slept with his balls in his mouth, for Radu being a real pleasure. She took the slices in her mouth and then upset them, and then the dick grew erect down to the gland, took her head in her mouth, and began to gather it between her lips sliding on her pulp until it reached her nose in the moon and the dick in her throat. Ducu caught his head guiding his movements, and Radu grabbed him with both hands of the hairy buns, squeezing his fingers through their hair and kissing the anus. Feeling the pressure of Radu's fingers on his anus, Ducu accelerated his movements, and Radu felt the dick grow in his mouth, and hot sperm jets flooded his mouth. She swallowed and sucked at the same time, making Ducu painful. He could barely get out of his mouth, that Radu did not endure to leave him. "In my dick, you have a vacuum cleaner in your mouth! Well, if you like that much, I'll keep you in my pulse just as you sit at me! Now get naked and let's have a shower together! They both went to the bathroom and were barely in the cabin, but that brought them closer, their bodies rubbing each other and excited. The Uzi, with the scuffed balls, landed in bed and stamped, Ducu's dick caught Radu, his body face down, Ducu being over him. Without making any move, Radu supported the Duke assaults that were ever deeper. Ten minutes before he ejaculated, they seemed endless to Radu, since Max ejaculated after two minutes. After they washed again, Ducu took Radu out of town at the table. After noon, Ducu la He took Radu to his gimmie where he admired sculptural bodies, which raised his "level" to Radu. "Come to my office, it's obvious that your saw was up," Ducu said. Coming up there, he said, "I know you're not happy with a simple paw, but you know I'm just active, but if you want to fuck something, I have the kid who taps the towels and cleanse the hall and the showers. There are some who come here just to get him to the dick! If you want to download, I'll call it! - But how old does the kid have? - 15 years! - Is not that small? Where are they? - No fear, darling, no fear! He's happy to have a roof, I gave him a room with everything in the building here! And I fucked him a few more times. Come on, I call him? - Yes, call him! You duke pressed a button and a short boy, but a blond, blond pack appeared in the door: "Yes, boss! - Look, Mr. here, he needs your services! The boy, that's what he called the boy, said, "A boss, it's over! - I'll let you fix it! The Duke came out on the door, leaving Radu and Vladut together. - My name is Vlăduţ, what do you want me to do to you? - My name is Radu. For starters, I want to see how you look naked! - OK, Radu! Vladut dropped his tedded shirt, leaving his chest and muscles well worked, then the boxers who barely managed to keep Vladut's "stallion." From under the boxers, a 17-18cm thick and fairly thick dart rising up on the yellow-yellow bed above the pulp. - Mmm, you look gorgeous! - How much I gave her to suck her, and how many I fucked up with, I can not have a man, sir! So what do you want? - I understand you suck it and you fuck it! - Yes sir, do anything! Radu began to undress and said, "Because I like how you look, I'd like to start with a mutual oral! - So 69! - Exactly! They hugged, then lay on the office couch in position 69 and began to smell each other's equipment, after which the languages ​​came into action. Soon the balls were in the shelter of the sucking mouths and the erects of the eagles. After about five minutes, the mouths swallowed the sperm of each one, then Radu's tongue slid between Vladut's buccaneers. His anus fretted in waiting for his pulp and opened, letting Radu's tongue slip in. It was seen as a hole in which many balls were inserted. Radu's pile strengthened and turned around and put it in the slightly opening sphincter. Ten minutes later Radu held Vladuţ with the crunches on his shoulders, pumping it, occasionally biting him with his blond blond pulp. When he finished, Vlăduţ took his dick in his mouth and swallowed it. When they were dressed, Ducu came in on the door. "Thank you boss," said Vladut. To you when I serve you? - If you still talked, you come tonight stay at home! - OK boss! At that time, two boys of about 24 years entered the office and when they saw Radu, they wanted to go back. - Get in, guys! - Well, we wanted to talk to you! - Say, you do not keep the gentleman, I have nothing to hide from him! Hardly, however, one of them said, "I would need Vladut for half an hour! - Okay, it's yours, but I hope you're generous, it's just getting out of your pulse and with you two at once it's going to be tough, I guess! "It's okay, boss," said Vladut. The boys are very nice, I've done it with them, I'm great! "Then it is yours," said Ducu. After they came out, Duci said, "If you want to see how these two will be pumped, you can see here and connect the computer to another server, and Vlăduţ appears on the screen with the two boys entering a door. - Hey, hey fuckers! Have fun, you? - Not for fun, we put rooms, but to protect this bitter man, who knows what could happen to him! During this time Vlăduţ was kneeling in front of the two and sucked them in a row. They had the boys and I would not have refused either, but that's what I kept in me. More than half an hour has passed and the two are no longer saturate. When they were finished, they threw two hundred dollars on his bed and came out happily. After collecting the semen from him with his fingers and putting it in his mouth, Vlăduţ puts himself under the shower in the corner of the room and washes. It was 20 o'clock when Ducu closed the room, leaving Vladut to clean. I went to the toilet and, passing by the showers, I smelled of hot bodies and smelled of sperm. Curiously, I glanced at my eyes and saw in a few places white, gelatinous sperm stains that dried out. Do not derive Vladut for this. When he entered the bucket, the mop and the other disinfectant bottles, I shook my dick, and I caught her gaze on her, then licked her lips. "You want it," I asked him. - Just lick it on my head! I let him lick the urine drop that persisted in the hole in his head, then gently knocking it on his cheek, I said, "We are waiting for you tonight! - OK, sir, I hope my fuck and my dick get something! - Make sure she fucks! I let him do the job, and I went out the back where Ducu was waiting in the car. We went to a buffet where I ate something on the run, Ducu took a pack for home and not long after I walked in the door, Voludu called to the intercom.

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