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First date with Danut

First date with Danut

It was in July just after the session. Cristi, my good friend, proposes an exit to Baneasa Forest. A gang of seven straight students (4 boys and 3 girls) just dropped out of the session, we boarded the Baneasa bus and strolled the glade into a beautiful glade. While the girls are preparing the new table, boys, we put a mummy. There is a problem, we are four boys and we do not fit for the match. We need help. None of the girls wants to stay in the gate. Parliamentarians long. Suddenly, from a group in our neighborhood there is a solid and solid boy, "rugby", who asks for his playing perimeter. He's called Danut. We enthusiastically accept him and start the game. After a few minutes, (Vic is calling me) I draw a healthy stitch in a root hidden in the grass and suddenly it crashes me. I forgot to tell you that I was empty.
But without hurting, I abandoned and approached the blanket. The girls jumped to comfort me, but I was "the man" and I gave myself up. But it did not really hurt me too much. I asked Ramona to take my place, but another guy from the neighbor group was offered. The game continued and I watched the match on the blanket being "hurt". I fascinated Danut, the new player, who was a perfect athlete. It was tall, well built with the muscled outline of his red jersey shirt and a sort of white mold that made it clear that he was wearing a jock strap.
He put a gap and happiness came to us. I gave him a glass of beer and kindly, he asked me about his leg. I told her that it started to get harder and that she started to swell.
Then she took my foot and began to examine her carefully. He told me that he is a medical student in the last year and that he specializes in surgery - orthopedics. By tapping on the foot of the foot, which had swollen and became a purple, I drew a grief.
"It's fractured!" "It should be plastered as quickly as possible. We came by car, it is parked near the Zoo. Dress up to get you to the Hospital. No comment!"
I was very surprised by the tone or very categorical, but the pain did not give me room to come back. "Let's go," I said, and began to dress. "You do not dress?" I asked him. He told me his stuff was in the car.
I started agile to **** na, but after a few steps the pain in my leg did not let me go.
"It's clear, Danut said, you can not go up, I'll get you up to the car."
For him, a man of about 90 pounds, one of only 70 pounds was not a big burden, so he continued my way with my arms. I was holding my neck tight and I felt a strange pleasure, like when I was a little kid, and my father was walking in my arms.
However, the effort was quite high and Danut started to sweat hard, his wet shirt wetting my chest and middle. When he started to fuck, we set out to stop for a short break. I just got into a small lawn full of fresh and soft grass, surrounded by huge bushes.
He accepted the gossip with relief. By letting me go, in the fall I rubbed his middle and felt something like a hardened hair between his legs. I quickly rolled my eyes and saw a huge bulge through the tight sort.
Danut surprised me and I look uimta, overwhelmed by the image so challenging, I resisted and I touched hypnotized apron swollen hand. Suddenly, without looking into my eyes, Danut gathered me to his massive chest and I began to hug him patiently.
We started kissing like two crazy men. His beautiful mouth absorbed every breath, and his tongue and tongue tired of my mouth. Without realizing it, he was holding me in arms with a lot of ardor, and my bones were crawling in his strong arms.
Slowly, he dropped me down on the grass without kissing me, and he leveled over me with his massive body. I felt a very good push, and my hands desperately tried to strip his shirt. He took a break from kissing or long scutra, and took off his shirt, shorts and suspensorul remain naked and then very gently I took off on me. ****, you have beautiful body: back, wide and well highlighted muscles with a wintergreen **** brown and solid as weightlifter chest was covered with dark and curly hair that continues the abdomen well marked covered with the same soft and dense coat. The flesh-like furrow, like a scepter, his big and hardened dick, with a red, immense red carpet, a patty like a patch.
I resisted, I sat between his thighs solid sleep, I fell avidly and presented stand on end in the mouth, without I realize how big it was! I could barely put it in my mouth. I was almost choking! I then grabbed my carpet between my wet and flamboy lips and began to undress her skin like a huge banana. My tongue strolled upward on the hardened round and pushed the foreskin as far down as possible. I began to feel a strange taste in mouth, spicy and very exciting, while I rub passionately language Hammer of redness and swelling. Then, with the tip of my tongue, I gently pulled off the crackle from the top of my pulp and started sucking her. I immediately felt that his dick had crackled and after a few cups a few drops of a light and sweet juice came out of my tongue. It was not much, but it was so sticky and extremely exciting
Meanwhile Danut came into my head between his legs muscular and hairy and with hands like shovels pushed my head louder than they licked dick full of ecstasy.
I felt like **** as my maimuca slipped **** slightly went strong, down my throat. Then Danut started pumping from his hips with a vowel movement, bagging and gently squeezing my ass out of my choking throat.
I felt like I did not have any more air, and I snatched my head from the grip of her legs. Then he grabbed me and sucked me slowly over his furry chest to his mouth. I felt with a crazy pleasure, as his hardened dick was pounding beneath my chest, then my stomach and then my buttocks.
He caught my head in his hands and started kissing me patiently. I was sorry for my breathing again his lips crushed mine. It was a bit unsteady, and the beard and the mild scent, scratching me, gave me some thrills of pleasure, my hair rose on my back. Then she began to kiss me throatly and grab my ear lobe between his teeth while his tongue harshly inspected the depth of my ear. I felt like I was happy and I was moving spasmodically, up and down, over his tumbling face. With his long palms he hung over his back and the bunch he kissed like a hump. Slowly, I felt her dick like a hair, **** trying to loosen my buttocks and get in. He was repeatedly striking my buckets like a ram trying to break the gates of a fortress. But ... the difference was too big! At that time, I was too tight for such a crap. Finger **** has penetrated me and explored curiously in the depth of my anus. It was clear we did not fit. Then he gripped me tightly and turned back over me. He stood on top of me with the hardened dick and red as it was rubbed like a spear ready to attack. He sat down on his knees and pressed his head against his dick. I stood up in the sitting so I could get in better and happily put it all in my mouth. It quickly went down my throat, rubbing my gun. I was glad of pleasure. With a lot of gentleness but firmly, he kept my head pressed over his dick, and from his hips and the bottom of the pump with a lot of force through my throat. I learned quickly to breathe. When she took her half, and her carriage got back into my mouth, I strongly inspired my nose, and when it slid down my throat, I was exhaling in my sweaty fur in which I dipped my nostrils. For pleasure and effort, Danut was trapped, and the sweat flowed through the body of the body to the root of the pulp. My daughter sinks regularly in her black and sane hair, now soaked with a sweat with a monster that drives me on the heights of pleasure. Gradually, his movements became more and more rapid, and the pulp of my pulm struck me ever more violently as a ram. Again, I was about to suffocate when I felt his dick getting embedded **** and suddenly it took her half so that the mace would reach her mouth. Immediately I felt a powerful and warm jet that struck my sky as I tried to jump down my throat. "Do not swallow, do not swallow!", Danut yelled, excitedly, among his jerky gossips. I quickly closed the throat trying to hold his repeated jets in his mouth. I think he has ejaculated five or six times, just like a cup of coffee. My mouth was full of his seed. I quickly poured air on my nose and he suddenly rose up to his mouth. Then to my surprise he opened my mouth with his powerful mouth, sipping all that I cared so much. Our languages ​​mingled with lust, walking from one mouth to another pleasant beer. We caressed each other, feeling both pleasures. During this time his hot palms moved quickly over my body, framing me like a hump of bread. Exhausted by pleasure and effort, she collapsed on her back in the tall and soft grass, pulling on it. I felt his dick still lingering spasmodically under my vibrating belly. I felt a current that had penetrated me from the crest to the toe and let go of my strength. My seed squeezed, drowning in Danut's sore fur. "Why did not you tell me that you want to let go?" "I did not resist anymore, I'm more pleased with pleasure!" I answered with a regret in my voice and full of guilt I began to recover the precious samnata ligand drops he ran over his belly. My luck, like his dense fur and sweat, kept the thick drops like a sour cream of my seed. As we recover the drops, we repeat the play of the tongues before. I spent about ten minutes until Danut's coat on his belly and chest shone with cleanliness. Then, exhausted by pleasure, I crashed down beside Danut, who, with much tenderness and care, took me into his rotting arms, pulling me to his chest. I walked back and stood in his lap in class 33, and Daunt held me up with his arms and legs like a pinch. I felt a very good grip and I would have liked to merge myself into Danut. I made myself small in his arms and stuck to his massive and hot body. In a few seconds I fell asleep. I woke up after about ten minutes. I was still tight in Danut's arms, sleeping deeply, sniffing lightly and regularly. I turned around carefully and turned to face him. God, what a beautiful man he was! The hair, dark brown, almost black, creased in large loops, ends on a high and massive forehead. From the middle of the face a beautiful, straight and powerful nose rises, with the nails fretting in breath, like a stallion. Two eyebrows, rich and slightly arched, supported each other's nose and forehead, and beneath them two big eyes, covered with eyelids, translucent, ending with some arched, big and beautiful genes like the lady. Below the nose, a large mouth is drawn, male, with fleshy and red lips. The upper lip was beautifully arched and covered by the brushes of a mustache that barely trembled. Below, a massive and volunteer barbie, finished with a sweet dump, drove this image as a god. In those moments of peace and intimacy I felt that I was definitely in love with this boy and that he would soon become my friend and soul pair.
I sigh deeply, happy and happy, and then Danut woke up. He looked at me with his beautiful eyes, full of love, and letting me out of his arms, he wondered if my leg hurt. The truth is, as in the frenzy of pleasure, I forgot about my leg. It was still swollen, but it did not hurt me very hard. We got up from the grass weaving beneath us, we dressed and then Danut took me back in my arms, with a lot of love and went to his car.
At noon we reached Foisor Hospital, at the guard room. I was consulted by a young doctor, Danut's acquaintance, who, after Radiography, said he was just a spur. Glory of the Lord !, there was no need for gypsum, just elastic bandage and rest for a few days.
"I will personally take care of my cousin," Danut said, drawing his eyes to me. "I'll keep him in bed for a week."
And so he did, Danut's prisoner for almost a week, in his small but intimate apartment, at the attic of a Rosetti Square block.
But about that and about the wonderful moments of happiness we spent with Danut for a while, we will tell in the other episodes.

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